When Can a Child Use a Booster Seat?

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If you’ve spent time wrestling child seats out of one car and into another, you may be looking for something a little simpler. You may even be wondering: When can a child use a booster seat?

Booster seats are a little bit easier to manage than more traditional car seats. But, that said, you should never rush the transition from a car seat to a booster seat. There are certain landmarks that any child should hit before transitioning from one to another, and it’s unsafe to transition too soon.

Here’s a look at those key landmarks for any parent tired of wrestling child seats and wondering: When can a child use a booster seat?

Be aware of the embarrassment factor for your child. As kids start getting older and transitioning out of car seats and booster seats, your child may be embarrassed that he or she isn’t transitioning. The best way to help your child is to preach safety very early on. Make sure your child understands that car seats and booster seats aren’t just arbitrary items used for arbitrary periods of time — they are designed to maximize safety as your child grows and develops.


4 Signs: When Can My Child Use a Booster Seat?

The general indication that your child needs a booster seat is that he or she has outgrown the more traditional car seat. But how exactly do you know when a child has outgrown a car seat? Here are 4 signs to keep an eye on:


Your car seat should have a specific height limitation. These height limitations vary from seat to seat, and it’s unsafe to keep your child in a car seat once they have reached or passed that limitation. For many car seats, the height for graduation to a booster seat is around 35 inches.

Once your child is into a booster seat, they should keep using it until they reach 4 feet, 9 inches. This is the height at which it is typically safe to graduate to the built-in lap belt and shoulder harness without assistance.


You should follow your seat’s weight guidelines and limitations, too. You’ll know it’s time to start using a booster seat when your child hits 40 pounds, and you should continue using a booster seat until your child reaches 80 pounds.


Rather than weighing your child or measuring height, consider the actual fit of your car seat and potential booster seat. There will come a time when your child no longer fits comfortably into a car seat, which is a strong indication that it’s time to move on. After the transition to a booster seat, you’ll someday reach a point at which your child no longer fits into it either — which is when you don’t need a booster seat at all.


Children typically age into booster seats at the same time they age into school. If you have a child who is near kindergarten age, look for other signs that it’s time to use a booster seat rather than a car seat. Age-wise, booster seats are typically used until age 8. Keep in mind that no child should ride in the front seat until he or she reaches age 12, whether they are using a booster seat or not.


When Can a Child Stop Using a Booster Seat?

As noted above, there are several landmarks when a child can set aside the booster seat and use car seating without assistance. Those landmarks are when a child:

  • Weighs 80 pounds or more
  • Reaches 4 feet, 9 inches or taller
  • Turns age 8 or older
  • Fits comfortably into the built-in lap belt and shoulder harness

Until your child reaches these landmarks, keep using the booster seat. They are designed to maximize safety for your child in case of an accident.


Final Thoughts on When a Child Can Use a Booster Seat

Yes, car seats and even booster seats can be an inconvenience. Yes, it would be far easier to just use the seatbelts as installed in your vehicle. But this is all about safety, and today’s vehicles offer a range of safety features that could pose a threat to your child if he or she is not seated properly.

For example, there are airbags all over modern vehicles that could do more harm than good if a child isn’t seated properly. So make sure your child is using the right seat, no matter the inconvenience, and ensure his or her safety.

Do you have anything else to offer on car seats, booster seats and the ages for each? If so, send us a message, or use the comments section below.

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