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Weekday mornings are hectic from August until June. You have to get your children ready while also making yourself look presentable for the day. And you have to feed them, too, which is the real challenge.

Running through the donut shop drive-through isn’t an option, because you want to make a healthy breakfast for kids before school. But traditional healthy options can get boring over time.

Looking for some fresh and fun healthy breakfast ideas for kids before school? Here’s a look at 5 things you can try.

This piece focuses on fast AND healthy options. We’re talking 5 minutes of preparation or less. Yes, you can come up with a lot more breakfast ideas for busy mornings if you want to spend 20 minutes in preparation. But 20 minutes are hard to come by with kids.


Try These Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

So, without further adieu, here’s a look at 5 ideas for a healthy breakfast for kids before school. Not all kids like all things, so not every one of these items will be a slam dunk. But hopefully at least one works for you and your brood.


1. Bananas & Granola

Bananas are healthy, and so too is granola. But, when served alone, a banana or some granola will fail to get your kids excited.

So try popping a banana on a popsicle stick, then spread some granola over a small plate. Your child can simply press the banana onto the granola, and the granola will stick to the banana. And, trust me, eating a banana covered in granola is a lot tastier and a lot more fun than eating a banana alone.

There’s little preparation. Plus, best of all, it’s hard for kids to make too much of a mess with this easy breakfast.

2. Cereal & Yogurt Parfait

Cereal and yogurt are often go-tos when parents need quick and easy breakfast ideas. But try blending the two together in an effort to create something your kids will actually eat and enjoy.

Start by choosing a healthy cereal (Cheerios or something similar). In a tall glass, place a layer of Cheerios at the bottom, top with a layer of yogurt, add another layer of Cheerios and then a final layer of yogurt.

And here’s a final flourish you can try: Place a honey floater on the very top. You could also add some fresh fruit on top — if fruit will make your child more likely to eat. Hand your kid a spoon, and he or she will gobble it up in no time.

Again, most breakfast recipes you find will take a lot longer to prepare. Something like this is ideal when time in the morning is limited.

3. Banana & Nutella Taco

Here’s a fun one: Spread Nutella across a flour tortilla, wrap a banana inside and serve to your child. It’s going to look a little like a breakfast burrito. Or, if you slice the burrito, it can look a little like sushi.

Kids love Nutella, and it can be a magical addition to the menu that makes for an easy breakfast and a less stressful school morning.

4. Microwave Omelet

Who has time for scrambled eggs on a school morning? Instead, try making a microwave omelet.

How does it work? Grab some turkey or ham, cheese, and a couple of eggs. You can also slice up some red pepper or another veggie — basically anything that would go into a traditional omelet.

Now, toss it all into a mug, stir and microwave. In no time, you’ll have a ready-to-eat breakfast that your kids can even take in the car for the ride to school. The greatest challenge with choosing this option from among quick and easy breakfast recipes is that it may take a while for the mug to cool down.

5. Bagels With a Smile

On busy mornings, grab a bagel and some cream cheese. Sounds boring, right? Well, make it a little more fun by slicing up a squash, cucumber, tomato or zucchini and using the veggies to create a smiley face (or some other sort of design).

Getting kids to eat is an art form, and you’ll find that putting veggies together in this manner is an approach that really works.


Final Thoughts on Making a Healthy Breakfast for Kids Before School

Not every kid is going to like everything on this list. But there’s beauty in having several 5-minute-or-less options that you can test out during the school year. After all, it’s a lot better to waste 5 minutes making breakfast than it is to waste 20 minutes or more.

Do you have any other quick and easy breakfast ideas that work for your kids? Let us know in the comments section below, or you can always get in touch using our contact page.

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