When you’re expecting a child, there are so many health-related things to worry about. For example: How much water should a pregnant woman drink?

Staying hydrated is incredibly important, and it’s even more vital when you’re carrying a baby. If you’re concerned about getting the right amount of H2O when expecting, here’s a look at everything you need to know about drinking water while pregnant.

Your body intakes fluid from more than just water. In fact, your body gets about 20% of its needed fluid from food and non-water beverages. For simplicity, this post will focus on the 80% you need to be getting from water alone. That is, this post focuses solely on how much water you need to be drinking.


The Simple Answer for How Much Water to Drink When Pregnant

The average, non-pregnant woman needs about 8 cups of water each day. As you might imagine, you’ll need a little bit more when pregnant — 25% more. So, if you’re wondering: How much water should I drink while pregnant? The simple answer is 10 cups a day (which is 80 ounces or 2.3 liters).

Keep in mind, though, that different women need different amounts of water, both when pregnant and when not. If you think you need even more than 10 cups of water, look for signs of dehydration.

For example: Is your urine a deeper shade of yellow than usual? The goal is for your urine to be pale and odorless.

Also, don’t be confused by swollen ankles and feet. You may think they are signs you’re getting too much water, but swelling might actually indicate you’re not getting enough. In cases of dehydration, your body may attempt to retain water, which leads to swelling.


Tips for Drinking Water While Pregnant

Not everyone likes to drink water. Still, it’s always important to get your recommended daily intake of water, and even more so while pregnant. So, to help ensure you’re getting the water you need, follow these 5 tips.

1. Get the Right Water Bottle

Find a water bottle that can be your companion throughout pregnancy. There are lots of water bottles for pregnant women, including the 45-ounce Hydration Water Bottle pictured here.

These water bottles include time marks to help you stay on track during the day. Just keep on track (refilling once in the middle of the day), and you’ll be on track to drink the water you need.

It seems like a really small thing, but securing an inexpensive tool like a water bottle designed specifically for pregnant women can deliver incredible value while you wait for the big day.

2. Don’t Wait Until You’re Thirsty

Never wait until your thirsty to drink water. If you get thirsty, you’re already starting to get dehydrated, and you may begin to experience dehydration-related side effects (like constipation).

This is another benefit of getting a water bottle that helps you stay on track. Water bottles for pregnant women keep you on a schedule that should help prevent thirstiness and dehydration.

3. Hydrate Through Food, Too

As noted above, the body actually gets about 20% of its needed fluids through food and non-water beverages. So try to up that number by eating as many hydrating foods as possible.

What types of foods help with hydration? Try apples, oranges, spinach and other fresh produce. If you find that you’re craving a hydrating food, even better.

4. Embrace Room Temperature

It’s tempting to pour yourself a glass of ice water, especially if you’re pregnant in the depths of summer. But room temperature water is actually better for pregnant women.

In general, stick to drinks between 50 degrees and body temperature (which is around 98.6 degrees). Drinking any beverage that is above or below this range can shock your system, make your feel nauseated and prevent you from drinking the amount you need each day.

5. Guzzle at Bedtime

It’s easy to get dehydrated overnight. So, to prevent nighttime dehydration, make it a point to drink some water right before bedtime.

No one wants to spend all night getting up to use the restroom, but the benefits of staying hydrated during pregnancy (more on this below) are well worth a trip or two to the bathroom overnight.


The Benefits of Drinking Water While Pregnant

There are many benefits to drinking water while pregnant. Some of those benefits are for the mother, and some are for the child the mother is carrying.

For the mother, drinking water help prevent common pregnancy side effects like hemorrhoids, bladder infections and constipation.

For the child, the mother’s water consumption helps deliver important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and hormones to the fetus.

Yes, drinking even more water than non-pregnant women are supposed to drink can seem like a real pain. But the many benefits are incredibly important to the health of both mother and baby.


Final Thoughts on Drinking Water While Pregnant

A couple of final thoughts on drinking water while pregnant:

First, drink even more during the third trimester. During this last portion of pregnancy, dehydration is an even greater threat because it can trigger contractions.

And, second, consider adding a little citrus to your water. Simply adding a slice of lemon or lime can make your water more interesting, and make it more likely that you drink the recommended 10 cups each day.

Do you have any other tips for drinking water while pregnant? If so, let us know via our contact page or by using the comments section below.

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